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Thursday, 16 April 2015



Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

I am now two days away from the nerve-wrecking UiTM TeSL interview. I am having mixed feelings, for sure. I am very nervous as this is a very important moment in my life like, I have been waiting for this opportunity since I decided to further study in TeSL course when I was 16. The butterflies in my stomach have been breeding in quite a high rate. Nevertheless, I am feeling really exhilarated over the thoughts of being able to test my ability and talent in English.

I am not a good writer, honestly as I often got strayed from my main point into my beyond-sky imaginations as I write stories thus explain why I prefer writing factual, argumentative and opinion-based essays. However, my lack of vocabulary and of course, my over-emphasized sentences are never disappointing in making people cringe. Well, that preference do not do any help in making me a good writer anyway. I do love write stories in Malay language, ironically, and people love it. Well, at least to those people who had already read them. I guess both languages have different ways to appeal to readers as they are totally opposite yet beautiful languages in their own style. This difference got me feeling that I have to master both languages in order to be able to show my ability to write stories in both languages as well to improve my weaknesses.

I am positive I can learn a lot and improve myself in an astounding pace if I am given the opportunity to study TeSL as I tend to do a great job in things I enjoy which is perfect because I have been loving English since I was in primary school.

Tracking down my history of the moments I first started to fall in love with English, it is almost impossible to do so as I have been loving this since I was very young. Being a student that participated in almost every competition, I loved to try out new things and always being picked to represent my school because of my confidence. That confidence was very well developed by my kindergarten teachers when I was asked to do a performance on the day of award of excellence in the kindergarten. It was a story-telling performance and the story is in English. Getting applause on that day made me feel confident in English. After that, I started to whine at my parents to buy me fairy tales, fables and dictionary and subscribe to the English cartoons channels so that I can enjoy more fun in English. As a result of the confidence and exposure to English, I participated in a lot of English competition such as public speaking, essay writing and drama acting.

Another factor that I think was a big reason why I came to love English is because all my English teachers since kindergarten up to secondary school were very fun and lovely teachers. They had this charisma and blinding-aura that made me look forward to my English classes. I love my English teachers so much that I decided to become one when I was 16.

 In fact, my best friend is an English teacher. We share so much things in common and we have similar taste and thoughts not to leave our weird, childish personalities that make us understand each other way too well. This friend of mine is also another reason why I decided to study TeSL. She have been really determined in encouraging me to study TeSL so that I can enjoy the great days she had when she was studying.

Although I do not think I am any better than anyone else, I am very eager and determine to pursue my dream as an English teacher because this is what I love. I hope I will pass the interview and able to study TeSL and be a fun, joyful and charismatic English teacher in future.

Sampai sini saja practice saya. Esok buat lagi, Ok daa nite assalamualaikum

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