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Saturday, 3 June 2017


hello it's me
im currently wondering if you still love me

u gave me roses
but u forgot to throw the thorny part

you gave rainbows
u forgot to give me time for admiration

u gave me wings
u forgot i cant fly

u gave happiness
but for only a short while

but never mind that

i'll always give you the thorny part of roses
so u can grow them into beautiful flower
ill draw you rainbows on a piece of paper
so u can admire the beauty continuously
ill give u an airplane
so u can fly beyond your capability

ill give u happiness
i wont ask for mine, dont worry

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Saturday, 6 May 2017

no title

I want to love Him 
I want to always love Him
But I end up always forgetting Him
Him to whom I should always love till the last breath of this life He gave


I don't know how to explain the struggle I'm facing
I've always wanted to never depend and never cling
The loose tie was the reason it got untangled
and finally the two shoelaces parted ways

This time, a new seedling is just starting to grow
I'm currently diligently watering it, 
I kinda want to keep it under the shade, 
But it needs sunlight, 
and it's a wild flower
that blooms the most amongst people's admiration,
I secretly hope I can claim it's mine,'s a wild flower

I desperately whisper under my breath 
Be with me
Keep living
Do not wilt 
For you are the reason I wake up every morning with a bright curve on my face

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Monday, 1 May 2017

el o vi i

Every second of my new life
Never had I ever forgotten you
I'm filled with guilt
For what if I haven't loved you enough

What if there's any tiny atom of my body that doesn't whisper your name
What if there's a beat that my heart skips because it hears others' name?
What if the last thing that leaves my lips before I see you isn't your name?

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