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Friday, 5 December 2014

Let's meet 3 months later okay?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

It's 4.01 a.m and I can't sleep!!! Spending my time with Winner. Who's Winner? You'd better check out YG Entertainment's new group Winner. Actually I first know them from the title song of their debut album, Empty.

and I was like "Okay I don't like this rookie group that slays all trophies in music shows but the intro of the song is cool"

Turns out I'm being a HUUUUGGGGGEEEE fan of Winner right now. Aha! Tambah lah part Lee Seunghoon was born exactly on 11 January. Same birth date as me yawwww!

Kalau cakap pasal Winner memang tak berhenti. They're like the real superstars. The idols that endure hardships and obstacles to rise on top right now. And for sure, I wanna be like them. Endure hardships and rise to be on top in my specialty. Hehe :D

Mak cakap minat jangan obses. Tak obses, admire je.

Erm, oh yeah I forgot to announce my freedom! Yeah its been exactly 10 days since my last paper of SPM. Daebak soalan tahun ni. Gotta pray hard so that I'll manage to get a great result later.

Not so many things happened since masa sangatlah sedikit untuk berjimba. Like 10 hari je kot. Balik kampung bagai dah berapa hari. But seriously I enjoyed the 10 days I got.

Got to watch The Hunger Games 3 Part 1 dengan my very best friend, BBQ party with my friends, lepak kat KFC dengan my two best friends and ofc, enjoying every single day being with my family.

Honestly, the more you realize you have very little time to spend for things, the better you manage it.

I didn't have the intention to make this a longggg entry but I really want to convey my feelings towards some people who I didn't get to do before.

To Khairin Rafiqah Amni and Ain Na Syafiqa, I'll miss you both. No other words. I'll just really miss the 3 of us.

To my two shoulders and lovely girls(?) who turn out to be my former English teacher and my dearest younger sister, Teacher Hashimah and Nur Diyanah Athirah. I'll definitely missing our story telling session.

and dik, I don't think u'd read this but thank you for the letter and sensible gift. I appreciate it very much. Thank youuu very very very very much for thinking highly of me. I never thought u'd do that since you're a much greater person than I am. But still. thank you :D

And for those who told me that they will certainly miss me, thank you and please wait for me. Thank you for the gifts. Thanks for love and care. I'll be going to live an independent live. Hah! daaa everyone!


Nur Liyana Safwanah.
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