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Monday, 26 October 2015

Fanfic: Hello My Love! (Part 6)


Right after giving a tour of the school to Yanah, Fina goes to the library right after eating her lunch to read a book she borrowed from there. Despite being in the top class, her classmates are so noisy that she isn’t able to focus on her reading in class. So, she prefers to read in the quiet library without any bother from anyone. Fina chooses a table near to a books shelf as it’ll be easier to find more books for reference later. Meanwhile, another person enters the library with the intention to get out from the noisy classroom and focuses on his revison. Coincidently, he chooses a table right beside the another side of the book shelf Fina’s sitting.

Fina: (puts her diary on the book shelf) I’ll definitely finish this book today and wite a review about it in my diary later (whispers alone)
Kyungsoo: (puts his notebook on the book shelf) Haish jinja. Why am I not  understanding this book yet? The English words are so hard

Time passes so fast that the bell signaling the lunch break’s over is ringing already. In a hurry, Fina quickly grabs her book and diary and runs out of the library quickly so that she won’t be late to the class. Alerted of the bell ringing, Kyungsoo too rises from his seat and grabs his notebook and goes out from the library without noticing that his notebook has already mistook by someone.

Fina and Mira’s apartment. Night

Fina has already finished reading her book and about to write a review about it. She takes her bag and searches for her diary.

Fina: (searches) Aha! Found you (takes out her stationary case and takes a pen) What should I write, eh? (opens the first page of the book) Oh? Where’s my picture here? (flips to the other pages) Omo ! Omo! It seems like I mistook someone else’s book. Eottokhe?! What if someone’s reading my diary?! Argh!! (falls from her seat due to extreme shock)

Kyungsoo’s condominium. His room. Night.

Kyungsoo: (frowns) What on earth does it mean? I’d better put this in the notebook (opens his bag and searches for the book) Oh? This is not mine, though? (notices a small signature near the tip of the book, flips through the book) It’s a diary? Whose is this, I wonder?

Kyungsoo continues flipping through the book to find anything to help him identify the owner of the diary. He then accidentally opens the first page of the book that has the owner’s photo. He immediately smiles viciously. He now has more chance to talk with that girl. It’s not that she’s hard to approach but he’s the one who rarely has the chance to talk with that girl. The girl whom he always wonder what’s in her mind.

23th April 2015

I don’t know why but I feel like crying. It hurts me so much to watch eonnie’s bruises knees. She must have been working really hard at the convenience store to earn money. Despite being exhausted to death, she only sleeps for an hour before waking up again at 1 and hit the books until 4. Then she sleeps again and had to wake up early to prepare for school. Only 2-3 hours sleep. Every single day. No wonder she’s a panda. Omma must be really sad if she finds out eonnie is living her life like this. I only can help by preparing her food every time she’s home. I’ve voiced this thing out to eonnie but she said to not mind about it. Keep preparing delicious food, she said. It keeps her energised every single time. I’m thinking about earning money so that eonnie doesn’t have to work 2 shifts in a day but how am I supposed to do so?

Kyungsoo closes the book and sighs. He knew it. He knew the girls’ life is hard. He knows Mira noona is very famous for her brain but he has never seen her outside of the school.  It’s as if she doesn’t have a social life. It’s true, based on what he had read so far. Whilst Fina stays at home, always waiting for her sister to come home and comfort her with massage and delicious food, Mira works her ass off in a convenience store which he doesn’t know where because he always go to the convenience store in their neighbourhood but he has never seen her there. Kyungsoo wonders what kind of help can he be to the sisters . His face then shines with a delightful smile as an idea comes to his mind.

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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Fairy Tale: The Fairy's Tail

The Fairy’s Tail

There was once a place called The Magnificient Woods that was guarded by the noble family of The Guardian. The Queen, head of The Guardian was the most beautiful fairy in the world with long silky Marsala hair and skin as white as milk. She had a beautiful pair of deep brown eyes that twinkled lights whenever she encountered butterflies and Thumbelinas, a family of fairies with wings who were as small as the Queen’s thumb hoping around the sunflowers and bell flowers in her garden. She loved the woods, as she was the Guardian and she took care of the woods and its lives compassionately.

The Guardian’s family lived a happy life, guarding The Magnificent Woods for hundreds of years from pixies and goblins, the arch enemies of The Guardians till the era of industry came. The revolution of worldwide industry caused humans to venture forests to dig for the Earth’s treasures and sadly, The Magnificent Woods was also affected. Fairies, werewolves and dwarves had to escape the woods to find new home.

That was thousands of years ago. The Magnificent Woods has been forgotten by many nowadays. No one knows about magical creatures except for what has been portrayed by movies and kids’ television shows.

Somewhere in the New York City, a few years ago, there lived a girl named Victoria Benner with her parents, Charlotte Benner and George Benner and her little brother, Sam Benner. She has two best friends, Louis and Marissa. Victoria had been living a normal teenage life until one fine day she discovered something that she would never imagine.

One day, Victoria was listening to her new iPod Nano when she suddenly received a phone call. It was Marissa informing a school club activity that had to be attended. Victoria quickly changed for school when her little brother, Sam passed the room and saw her new iPod Nano on the bed. He was interested and barged in his sister’s room with excitement.

“Is this the new launched iPod Nano, Victoria?” Sam asked. Surprised, Victoria rushed to the new iPod to hide it. “Who told you can enter my room as you like?” she asked.

“The door was open so I entered. May I borrow that?” said Sam.

“No! Never! Now, get out of my room” Victoria pulled Sam from her bed and tossed him out of her room. She then hid the iPod in a drawer, locked it and off to school.

The activity ended late that Victoria arrived home at night. She was very tired and wanted to have a deep slumber while listening to her favourite songs in her new iPod Nano. She opened the drawer where she hid the iPod Nano and was surprised to see an empty drawer. She searched everywhere in her room from inside of her closet to under the bed but she couldn’t find it. Victoria then ran to ask her parents but stopped at the sight of Sam in his room. She thought of asking Sam first but grew furious as she saw her iPod Nano on the floor of Sam’s room, broken in pieces.

 “What have you done, Sam?!” shouted Victoria while collecting the pieces of the iPod Nano that were scattered everywhere.

“It wasn’t my fault. I borrowed it just for a while and suddenly a cat came out of nowhere and startled me. I was very surprised that the iPod slipped from my hand and fell. Are you sure it was not fake? It was so fragile” Sam answered without any sign of guilt. Victoria’s wrath mounted up upon hearing that and shouted.

 “You are a very useless brother! You’ve never respected me as your sister and never ever you will. I wish you’re not my brother. No, I wish you had never existed! I wish you’d die with that sickening bad habit of acting innocent of yours”.

 Victoria then ran to her room with tears and locked herself for three days. On the third night since the day Victoria locked herself, a group of unexpected guests ‘visited’ the Benner’s house. A silhouette of a girl with pointed ears was seen climbing the window of the house and entered it followed by other four men, also with pointed ears.

 The next day, the entire house was in a shock upon the news of Sam falling ill. Mrs Benner was trying to wake Sam up for school but Sam just wouldn’t wake up. His skin turned blue and the body temperature rose. Mr Benner tried to bring Sam to the hospital but Charlotte Benner insisted of not going. She claimed that she knew the cause of Sam’s illness.

“Someone took Sam’s tail. That’s why he’s sick” said Charlotte when she was asked the reason of her insistent.

“What do you mean by ‘tail’? Sam has a tail?” Victoria asked, surprised by her mother’s answer.

“Yes, he had a tail. We all have one. We’re not human, Victoria. We’re fairies. The Magical world calls us The Guardian. I’m the current Queen, the leader of that magical forest and you’re next. Our ancestors used to live there but after pixies lured humans to venture the forest, they had to move. Thus explain why we’re here in America. To live in human’s world, we have to cut our tails and keep it in The Enchanted Chest. The tail is like our second heart. Without it, fairies can only survive for a week” Charlotte explained, vomiting all the family’s secrets she had been hiding from anyone for years in order to live a normal human life.

 “Then how can I find the tail again? Who took it?” Victoria asked after being speechless for a moment.

 “The pixies. There have been traces of their distinctive foot pattern near to Sam’s bed. We must find them quickly. Sam’s still a kid so he might not be able to hold it any longer” Charlotte answered with a grief.

“Well, if that’s the only way. I will find the pixies and get Sam’s tail back. I regret saying words I didn’t mean on that day. I don’t want him to die. I will definitely find the tail” Victoria said with a determined face. She promised herself to find the tail so that Sam could be well again and apologize to him. Her heart was full of guilt as she thought Sam fell ill because of her scolding. Only after founding the tail would she brush off the guilt she was feeling.

 “You can’t go alone! You’re yet crowned as the Queen. You still don’t have the powers to protect yourself from pixies and goblins! It will be really dangerous out there” said Charlotte, worried of her daughter’s safety.

“You have to stay. You know what the best is for Sam with this current situation of Sam. I will go with Father then” Victoria said.

”He can’t go. He can’t pass the portal as he’s only a human being” she said intentionally to strengthen her stands for not letting Victoria determination risen.

“So it’s obvious that I’m the only one who can go and find Sam’s tail”

“But...” Charlotte hesitated.

“Mother, I’m the Queen-to-be and it’s very important to save Sam’s life now. I can take it as a task, a duty to prove whether I deserve to be the Queen or not. And of course because I’m the only one who can accomplish this” Victoria answered with a fierce determination. Upon hearing that, Charlotte was so fixated that she reluctantly gave Victoria her permission and Victoria’s very own tail.

Before Victoria left the house, Charlotte gave her protection necklace to Victoria to protect herself through the journey. The necklace was also a portal that leads to the Magnificent Woods. Victoria took the necklace, wore it, kissed her beloved family members and set off to begin her journey.

At the airport, Victoria phone called her two best friends, Marissa and Louis to inform them her absence from school but couldn’t reach any. She was about to enter the departure hall when she received a call from Louis.

“Hey, what’s up?” said Louis.

“Hey, friend. I just want to inform you that I’ll be out of the country for a week for personal reason.
 Something came up” said Victoria.

“I knew. Is your brother alright?” said Louis.

“Well, no. His condition has been deteriorating since morning. How did you know that?” surprised, Victoria asked back.

“Charlotte called and told me the news just now” Louis answered.

“Do you have any idea where’s Marissa? I’ve been calling her for numerous times but she didn’t pick up” asked Victoria, worried of her best friend.

“I don’t have any idea. I went to her house yesterday to discuss our group work but no one was there. The fence was locked as if they had moved out from the house” Louis answered.

“Are you serious? I hope you’re wrong. Thank you anyway, Louis” said Victoria

“You’re at the airport, right? Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be there” with those words, Louis hung up the phone.

On plane, Louis admitted that he was a family member of the Knight, the Magnificent Woods boundary’s guard. His job was to help the Guardians to keep the enemies off the Magnificent Woods and to ensure the Guardians’ safety. His family was also the source of information of the pixies where being because the Knight had the ability to sense magical creatures after looking at their footprints.

Soon, they safely landed in Denmark and went to a fisherman village where Louis claimed the village where pixies used to dwell after being banished from the Magnificent Woods. They used the necklace Victoria was wearing to enter the Magical World and have their magical sight. Unfortunately, when they arrived at the village, it was deserted and no living thing was seen. They went to the seashore to seek help and began saying a chant.

Lies beneath the coral’s shade
Beautiful eyes as clear as the jade
Possesses the hidden and seen, that’s what they said
Do arise as we call upon you, Little Mermaid

            The waves that were hitting the beach fiercely before began to calm down and the nature gradually became as quiet as the cemetery. Suddenly, the water was full of foams and a prepossessing anticipated figure appeared from the foams. The little mermaid swam as close as she could to Victoria and Louis and smiled.

           “I’m sorry for my distrustful manner upon calling you that I might interrupt your rest. My name is Victoria, the descendant of The Guardian’s throne and this is my friend from the Knight family, Louis. We’re ought to find the pixies in this village but there was no sign of them. May I ask where they are?” said Victoria after she bowed due to respect to the Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid said nothing and disappeared into the sea. A few seconds later, she rose from the ocean and gave them two pink clams containing dazzling clear water. She then signalled them to drink the water so they did. Shortly after that, their legs slowly transformed to fish tails. The little mermaid pulled both of them into the water and together they swam under the sea.

Victoria and Louis could see the stunning and majestic palace the little mermaid was living in. They came across much spectacular view of corals and exotic species of fishes. After a long swimming, they reached the English Channel. In order to return to human form, Victoria and Louis had to drink the octopus’s ink. They bore the bitter and smelly ink and retransformed to be humans. Before returning to the sea, the Little Mermaid who couldn’t talk quietly give Victoria a shining pearl as big as her face and a mussel as big as the palm of her hand.

After the little mermaid left, Victoria and Louis didn’t know what to do so they searched for a big rock and lied on it. Suddenly, they heard a giggling sound. They looked at the surrounding but no one was there. The sound was heard again. It turned out to be the big mussel’s sound.

“Were you the one who giggled just now, Mr Mussel?” Louis asked.

“Yes. Yes. It was me. This girl held me too tightly that it tickled. Loosen your grip young lad and I shall tell you what to do next” said the talking mussel. The tired Victoria and Louis brightened up and Victoria did as she was told.

“Find your way to the Lavenham and you shall meet a boy named Jack with the help of magical sight of yours. Take a good care of the pearl given as it contains a few thunders stolen from His Majesty, the Little Mermaid’s father. They are very powerful to help you fight your enemies later. Now, throw me back into the sea as I can’t live longer than your five breathing” said the talking mussel while he slowly gasped for air.

Louis thanked the mussel and quickly threw it back to the sea and he and Victoria continued their journey. They walked and walked and finally arrived at the Lavenham after three days walking on foot without rest. There were many small cottages in the village so they settled down in one of them and got a rest.

The next day, the two friends were in surprise seeing a huge beanstalk in the cottage’s backyard. They stared at the beanstalk for quite a long time before seeing a boy who was climbing down the beanstalk as fast as lightning. He then chopped off the beanstalk with a mammoth axe. The beanstalk collapsed and whoosh! It vanished into thin air. Victoria and Louis were really amazed but soon came to their senses and quickly went to that boy.

“Young boy, is your name Jack?” asked Victoria after managed to stop the boy.

“Yes, I am Jack. May I help you?” the boy answered while struggling to calm a golden goose in his arms.

“My name is Victoria, the descendant of The Guardian’s throne and this is my friend from the Knight family, Louis. We’re ought to find the pixies in this village but there were no sign of them. May I ask where they are?” said Victoria with a pleasing smile.
            “Pixies! I saw a group of them staying overnight in one of the cottages here and left to southwest direction. They might head to the Epping Forest. I heard something on the grapevine from the giants’ conversation that they’re planning to invade The Magnificent Woods and take over the throne” said Jack.
              “What do you mean by that? The Magnificent Woods was destroyed since long time ago!” cried Victoria, surprised of the rumours Jack told him.

            “It was nearly destroyed yet there were wise humans that took the mean to preserve the forest. Only a few creatures knew this. I think the pixies also knew this recently, aware of the Guardian’s absence in that forest. I think you should be there as soon as possible so that you can stop them. The pixies are very cruel towards other magical creatures. I saw they used Thumbelinas to fly from one place to another and devour their magical powder to use for their own good” said Jack again.

            “Yes, I think we should but we’re supposed to get help from you. The mussel given by the Little Mermaid said so” said Louis.

            “I can’t help you fight the pixies but have this goose. His bites are fatal and he’s immortal. Use it to fight those evil pixies” said Jack while handing the goose to Louis. Both Victoria and Louis thanked the nice boy and used the necklace again to enter the Magnificent Woods.

            Everything was brown and withered when Victoria and Louis arrived in the forest even though it was spring. The insects were in their home all the time. The birds flew really low, didn’t dare to fly high.

Louis used his ability to track the pixies, and Victoria and he followed their traces. Soon, they saw a big, tall tree at the centre of the forest with a group of human-like creatures with pointed ears. They were the pixies. Suddenly, they saw a familiar figure among the pixies.

“Marissa?” cried Victoria in a whispering voice.

“It is indeed Marissa. Look at her right wrist. She still has the friendship bracelet both of you had since last year” said Louis.

“She’s a pixie? I didn’t know about that but most importantly, she’s the leader?” Victoria asked in disbelief.

“Of course you don’t know. You didn’t even know that you’re the next Queen of The Guardian” Louis joked, sarcastically.

Victoria and Louis were going to confront the pixies at that moment but then cancelled their intention and searched for a shelter first to plan an ambush.

That night, Victoria used her special power to send whisper via the breeze to all the creatures living in the woods to ask for a gathering. The magical creatures were very delighted to see the Queen to be was there to help saving the woods. They carefully made a strategy and planned to attack the pixies on the next day.

The day came and Victoria was already in front of the big tree to confront the pixies. Marissa who just woke up from her sleep was surprised to see Victoria from her window on the tree and rode her Thumbelina onto the ground.

“Why are you here? You’re supposed to be on bed waiting for the day you die” said Marissa curiously.

“I’m here as The Guardian and it’s my job to protect the woods from evil creatures like you. I also would like to retrieve my brother’s tail you stole four days ago” Victoria answered calmly.

“So it was the wrong tail? No wonder the potion was not working. I didn’t manage to transform to a beautiful fairy” Marissa whispered to herself.

Marissa continued.

“The Guardian? You don’t deserve to be one! You’re ignorant and none of your characteristics reflected the Queen’s personality as The Guardian. You only inherited the good looking gene. I’m the delicate, kind hearted and loving one. I’m the one who’s supposed to be the Queen” Her eyes were firing with hatreds.

“It was because of the pixies that my ancestors had to move to another place. Their home was chopped down by the loggers who were lured into the forest by your family. Your ancestors betrayed mine and you betrayed me” Victoria said while clenching her fists, trying to keep calm.

“You’re the stupid one who trusts people easily. We’re only friends for a year. I never wanted to be your best friend. You’re the one who did and you’ve made things easier for me” said Marissa while laughing evilly.

“You’re not my friend anymore and I shall have you destroyed. Attack!” with that sign of Victoria’s, all the creatures went out from their hidings and attacked every single pixies there. The golden goose Jack gave did a great job chasing the pixies and bit many of them till dead. Louis used his ability to track every pixie that tried to escape and put them in a cage while Victoria used her power to hypnotize the pixies and instructed them to enter the cage.

Marissa ran to her house and grabbed her magic wand. She pointed her wand to Victoria and a fire was vented. Unfortunately, the fire caught Louis’s leg. Vexed, Victoria used the pearl the Little Mermaid gave to fight Marissa. It was an intense battle with thunder and lights beaming in the skies. The last lightning emitted from Victoria’s pearl finally struck Marissa and pooff! Her ashes were the only thing left. Everyone cheered for Victoria’s victory. She went to Marissa’s house and found her brother’s tail.  She went back down to the ground, carried Louis and used her necklace to return home.

Sam’s tail was safely returned to The Enchanted Chest and he was soon recovered. The pixies captured were banished into a deserted island far from people. Sadly, Louis’s injury was severe and he didn’t manage to recuperate. The Benner family was in grief with the loss of Louis so they decided to return to The Magnificent Woods to rule and guard the woods.

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Saturday, 10 October 2015

di rumah. kelaparan



Last aku coret kat blog ni masa balik MUET. pelik kenapa tak ada post tu? aku hide. sebab aku rasa ada yang nak serang aku guna entry tu. well, idc pun but nah, malas la nak gaduh.

just take note, this isn't an act of fear. it's a decision which I think is wise considering your attitude. dahlah weh, admit je la u don't like me since the very beginning.  BTW, I think u shouldn't be mad at me writing that post cuz you were the who started the whole thing. sampai bermuka-muka and tweet macam2 kat Twitter. remember, I don't do things unless u do it first. I gave us chances to be friends but u blocked every mean that can make me and your best friend, be friends again. Enough is enough. U deserve everything you've done. Oh yeah, btw I didn't mention anything about our level of IQ because I know everyone is different and being in Form 6 is not something to be ashamed of. My friends are there too. I was the one who encouraged my friends to be in Form 6 if they think Matrikulasi is too much. I never like to look down at someone and the same thing goes to you. Just, it's up to you. It's your own insecure thoughts. IDK why u brought this thing up anyway. Whatever. Period. I'm not going to talk about this anymore.

screw this. I'm going back to what I was supposed to write.

anyway, the reason I think today is a good day to write something on the blog is because, I'm missing my housemate really much I think I can actually run to UiTM Bukit Sekilau and cry while looking at our house.


taught me so much of life. as much as PLKN had taught me. family-like friends. backstabber. the fun of trying out new things. even though we surely will meet one another in 2 months time but only Allah understands how I fear this friendship we have is not going to be as strong as it is now.

right now, I'm reminiscing the days when we danced to the SNSD  Into The New World's choreography. and days when Divine by SNSD was our official song of the house.

gosh, I'm so gonna cry now.

May Allah ease my heart and keep our friendship be as sturdy as it is now. I love you, all of you.


Till we meet again in Dengkil, sweethearts. 

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