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Monday, 12 May 2014

Jari nak patah


Musim exam. Wuu..exam tak exam I'm still lazy-ing  myself...TV couching..surfing..doing weird stuffs such as watching make-up tutorials?

Okay, snap out of it.

Today was the examination day for History. Paper 2 and Paper 3 which had made my precious fingers to nearly broken like seriously I've been writing non-stop for 2 hours and half + another 3 hours for Paper 3. Homaigawd this is the reality of SPM candidates. I  know the others understand this feeling too, right?

Fuh! BTW I really missed hitting the alphabets on the keyboards and writing my thoughts and feelings. It had been 2 months when I last wrote something up here. I did write something on my personal diary but it's too private to share here with the readers. (is there even a reader here?) Well, yeah. I think I've been babbling to myself what happened, what I felt and bla bla bla and when I read it back, my impression was like,

Well then, I don't care.

Okay..back to the point on why I am here today.

My life is now as hectic as much right now. <---IDK if this phrase is correct.
Quite busy for classes and practices yet I think I got enough time be lazy-ing around, still. Hmm, that's quite confusing.

Nevertheless, when you imagine about how heavenly it'll be when all these sufferings end one day, you'll get your motivation back, get spirited and ready to go all way through the end.


Okay to persevere well to bear sweet fruits in future. Love u all who read and wish u sweetest days ahead. Assalamualaikum ^_^

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