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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Final Destination


Just finished reading my entries in 2014-2015. Haha my English sucked so much I can actually use them for error analysis practice.

so, hi blog. Long time no see.

I'm leaving Dengkil in 2 weeks time. it's kinda sad because I have learnt a lot from this place. From its people. Classmates, housemates, even Comrad. Yep, I associate with people from other courses too.

Life lesson 1: Husnudzon and trusting Allah never fails to give you happiness
Life lesson 2: Forget Allah once, He doesn't forget you, but your life is never calm again.
Life lesson 3: Be generous. People may not remember you but Allah will

I actually have a lot more life lessons to be shared with people who still read my blog. Who still follow my crappy life.

The foundation is going to end soon. I don't know what will happen to my life next. I don't even know what will I do during the 6-months break before registering for degree programme. Mom said she has a plan for me. Well, my only plan for now is to gain money.

Imma read books for sure. Imma back to Usman Awang and A.Samad Said books. Imma polish my love for arts, both English and Malay. Imma do what I have been loving to do since Form 1. Bismillah, may Allah ease my way. 

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Tuesday, 1 March 2016



It's already 2016
I'm already 19

The burdens are getting heavier
So does my weigh
Nah, JK. I'm always a loser

The foundation is gonna meet its end soon
I'm not ready yet! Pretty sure I'm gonna be ruined

I miss my family
Wanna go home, but I ain't have no money

I keep my mouth shut more frequently
So I won't end up cursing violently
Whenever I'm stressed, whenever I'm angry

Screw this world
No more dance and twirl

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