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Monday, 9 July 2018

My Wish List

1. Visit Canada individually and enjoy the autumn-filled-with-maple-leaves scenery.
2. Have a teaching career
3. Finish writing at least a book
4. Get that First Class Honour
5. Get that Master's Degree
6. Hafal Juz Amma

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Bila Safwanah tergolek


Last semester's result was released last week. Mine is as I expected. I screwed this up really bad. I cried once, in the office's toilet and never cried again after that. It was heartbreaking knowing that I am fully aware of my mistakes and decisions I shouldn't have taken. Regardless, here I am, trying to catch up again, trying to get up on my two feet again.

It's more stressful because I no longer trust people around me. I get scared easily, I can't seem to let it out. I know for sure that this is so gonna take a toll on me. I know myself better. But this is what I deserve. This is what I've expected. U gotta work your ass off for that First Class Honour, Safwanah.

There's a lot more in life that you need to catch up with. A lot more in life that you have no time to waste time for. Now I finally understand that. I've so many dreams but I still haven't accomplished any. How uncool is that, right? I get demotivated easily, get distracted easily, get scared easily...I don't know which part of me is the strong woman people see.

I had enough of crying for my pathetic life. I know I should get up and run for it. Run for life. Run for those dreams of yours. Forget others. Be selfish. Don't care about others. You, do you.

Another life lesson I've finally understood recently is in order for you to be compassionate and loving for others, you've got to love yourself the most first. Flaunt those strengths and embrace those flaws.  Decide the best for you and only yourself.  You may get cut but don't let it be a scar. The most important part-love The One who loves you the most.

Idk if it's only me but I always blame rotten relationship with Allah as my biggest reason for failing. Don't you think so? He's the one who allows everything to happen even to at least have the will to get up in the morning and go to class. 

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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Yey! Daily update!


It's been a good day for me. It's quite rare because Wednesday is usually 'suwey' for me. I got all the bad luck on Wednesday. BUT! Today, I woke early, dressed nicely, packed enough food and got my work done right on time. I even had some spared time which I spent to do some research on video contents.

Anyways, I don't really have much idea on my mind right now. But I've already thought of something that is aimed to be useful (hopefully) and interesting (will try my best to do so). Therefore, stay tuned and I will keep updating! May Allah bless the smiling and crying faces. Have a beautiful day ahead. 

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