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Thursday, 5 November 2015




Lusa I exam MUET. omayaa so scary. erh..scary2 tapi I've been watching dramas and animes for these past weeks. useless sangat the realization is there but no motivation at all.

Anyways, SPM dah start. Diyanah my sister is one of the victims this year. Tapi ofc dia relaks jer. My mom memang risau kat budak tu. IDK why but I think she has a brighter future than me. I mean, dia ambil akaun so dia boleh ikut path Rafiqah yang sekarang tengah ambik fast-track CAT sebelum buat ACCA. if only Diyanah fit the requirements. tapi I still think she will make it. In shaa Allah. I always pray for the best for my sister.

Oh yeah, lately I've been watching dramas revolving about the life of 18 years old students in Korea. 18 years old tu 17 years old lah kalau ikut international age. Life kat Korea stressful kot. Fuh, nasib duduk Malaysia. nasib juga dapat parents yang support minat and aim bina modal insan rather than focusing on being smart in schools so that the children will be able to obtain kerja yang bagus bila dah graduate.

Mom always say, kalau awak pandai tapi awak lupa Allah, takde guna ibu besarkan awak. (quitelah like that, she always use 'Kakak' instead of 'awak' to refer to me).

Too sad lots of people aim for life that seems perfect in the eyes of human. They'd rather suffer than to be embarrassed about their status in the society.

As for me, I don't yearn for a glamourous life with a perfect job and a romantic good-looking husband who is also the best in everything. I'd prefer flaws in some aspects of my life. Those are things that would make me, a HUMAN.

Being 18 is the stage of life where you gotta think hard what to do now in order to do something in future. You don't have to suffer too much now in order to make your dream comes true because that TOO MUCH will cause you TOO MUCH  in the future.

Be moderate.
Be happy but never stop struggling to achieve what you want.

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