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Friday, 22 May 2015

A whole new world


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

A whole new world. U ols must be expecting I nak cerita pasal preparation nak masuk U, takut, berdebar, cuak, tak sanggup and macam2 lagi perasaan bila nak sambung belajar jauh2 ni. Well, malas nak cerita benda obvious. Ofc lah I'd be feeling anxious, nervous, excited and a load more feelings because yeah indeed it'll be a whole new world to me. But nah, let's just skip that 'world'.

Ok for now, I am very scared because u know how they say kau baiklah macamana pun masuk U kau kompem culture shock kalau iman di dada senipis bawang. Kalau kau seorang tetamu tetap Allah pada waktu Dhuha, there's a big possibility u won't do it anymore kat U.

Because u know what, we are what things surround us are. Things can be sorted to culture, lifestyle, habit, mannerism, education, religion and stuffs.

Kalau hang baik gila kat sekolah dulu example hang memang dak lepaih solat jemaah, selalu jadi imam, akak naqibah usrah, pendakwah aktif tarbiah sentap bagai tapi kalau hang balik rumah hang solat Maghrib and Isyak je jemaah, besar kemungkinan hang akan terpengaruh dengan a whole new world of freedom yang akan nampak majestically depan mata kau because u're free from your parents, teachers and family members who always have you under their surveillance.

Bila hang hadap a whole new world yang terbuntang luas ni, tanpa iman tanpa keberkatan tanpa petunjuk Allah hang akan hanyut ditelan arus modenisasi.

Pointnya, berpesan kepada diri sendiri dan semua, jangan tinggal solat dan jangan lupa minta panduan Allah. Kerna jalan Allah itu satu-satunya jalan yang betul dan lurus.


Who's VIP here? *angkat tangan* me lorh me! A proud VIP! Seriously when I first knew Big Bang from their song Beautiful Hangover, I could not choose a bias but back then, GD caught my eyes but I wasn't a that serious VIP because Big Bang had (and still has) this distinctive fashion styles which were too much (not anymore, I just don't care) for an innocent lamb like me. I did listen to every song and album they produced though and have been loving them ever since.

After Fantastic Baby, Big Bang finally made their comeback and I was excited and nearly died at the moment I watched and listened to the song LOSER. Actually, I sorta have a biased feeling towards Taeyang on the days when he was promoting Eyes, Nose, Lips and that song just stuck in my head like a gum and damn, in Loser, he's a bae and very cool man. I just melted into his cute eye smile and sexy voice.

THEN!!! the old crush slowly creeps in the way and is climbing the chart of my top bias list. GD, why are you so nice and swag and good-looking in the same time? He's funny and multi-talented(ofc undeniably the most talented idol in the industry) and lovely and haaahhh Youngbae-yah I'm sorry but u know, first love is very hard to forget.

There are days when I pluck in my earphone and the MP3 player of the phone plays the song 4:44 a.m by Bang Yongguk. Uh no that feeling again...yep, he's my top bias in B.A.P. He's cool like meh haha kiddin. I can never stop loving this guy.

There are also days when I stream the Youtube channel and watch videos of WIN and Mix&Match programs. Damn it! Where will I put all my winners of WINNER? Yeah, still cannot choose a bias from Winner. I am just in love with all of them. ALL OF THEM. iKON, a group of 7 young men who don't even debut yet tak kalah juga nak menarik hati mak milah yang lemah ni. Sexy Junhoe is no 1 in iKON for me, now. Sexy bhaii suara dia oh his vocal, his figure gosh sexy Junhoe is so delicious.

Saja nak summarize that I'm a proud V.I.P, Inner Circle, Baby and iKON's fan. These guys talents caught my attention first then barulah depa punya appearance such as looks. I'm a type of KPOP fan who doesn't give love easily. Flirt to me with your songs and I'll be yours. Lulz sensual sangat ayat.

 Dah bye ngantuk

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Hello My Love (Part 6)

Shinhwa High School.

Right after giving a tour of the school to Yanah, Fina goes to the library right after eating her lunch to read a book she borrowed from there. Despite being in the top class, her classmates are so noisy that she isn’t able to focus on her reading in class. So, she prefers to read in the quiet library without any bother from anyone. Fina chooses a table near to a books shelf as it’ll be easier to find more books for reference later. Meanwhile, another person enters the library with the intention to get out from the noisy classroom and focuses on his revison. Coincidently, he chooses a table right beside the another side of the book shelf Fina’s sitting.

Fina: (puts her diary on the book shelf) I’ll definitely finish this book today and wite a review about it in my diary later (whispers alone)
Kyungsoo: (puts his notebook on the book shelf) Haish jinja. Why am I not  understanding this book yet? The English words are so hard

Who would expect that Kyungsoo and Fina own books that look very similar to each other? Time passes so fast that the bell signaling the lunch break’s over is ringing already. In a hurry, Fina quickly grabs her book and diary and runs out of the library quickly so that she won’t be late to the class. It turns out the book she grabbed was not hers. In fact, she grabbed Kyungsoo’s notebook. Alerted of the bell ringing, Kyungsoo too rises from his seat and grabs his notebook and goes out from the library without noticing that his notebook has already mistook by someone.

Fina and Mira’s apartment. Night

Fina has already finished reading her book and about to write a review about it. She takes her bag and searches for her diary.

Fina: (searches) Aha! Found you (takes out her stationary case and takes a pen) What should I write, eh? (opens the first page of the book) Oh? Where’s my picture here? (flips to the other pages) Omo ! Omo! It seems like I mistook someone else’s book. Eottokhe?! What if someone’s reading my diary?! Argh!! (falls from her seat due to extreme shock)

Kyungsoo’s condominium. His room. Night.

Kyungsoo: (frowns) What on earth does it mean? I’d better put this in the notebook (opens his bag and searches for the book) Oh? This is not mine, though? (notices a small signature near the tip of the book, flips through the book) It’s a diary? Whose is this, I wonder?

Kyungsoo continues flipping through the book to find anything to help him identify the owner of the diary. He then accidentally opens the first page of the book that has the owner photo. He immediately smiles viciously. He now has more chance to talk with that girl. It’s not that she’s hard to approach but he’s the one who rarely has the chance to talk with that girl. The girl that grabbed his attention because of her smile on the very first day they entered the high school

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Hello My Love (Part 5)

The spring weather is very great this year, thankfully that Fina and Mira have been able to walk on foot to school. This helps them to save some money from transportation fee. However, luck isn’t siding with them today despite the fact it’s the first morning Fina’s able to go to school together with Yanah again after last doing so in middle school. Under the bus station’s roof, Fina and Mira are waiting for Yanah and the bus silently while playing with their smartphones.

Yanah: (runs in the pouring rain) Fina-yah! Mian! Mian! (finally reaches the bus station) Fuh, mianhae eonnie, Fina-yah. I woke up late. Those useless men in the house didn’t wake me up and just went to school by themselves. I shall have my revenge tonight for their irresponsibility (holds her fist)
Fina: (gives Yanah her handkerchief) Yah, look at you. You might catch a cold if you go to school wearing this damp clothes (helps Yanah wipes the water off her uniform)
Yanah: (grins) Annya, gwenchana. I brought this (brings out hair dryer from her bag)
Fina: (surprised) Yah! It’s against the school’s rules (worried face)
Yanah: (sighs) I know, but what can I do. I’ll make sure I won’t be caught (winks)
Fina: (smiles, pushes Yanah’s head a bit)
Yanah: (sits beside Fina)

A few metres from the bus station, another person is running under the downpour, trying really hard to reach the bus station quickly. He finally gets under the roof and wipes the water off his hair and clothes. He seems to be shaking a lot due to being under the rain for quite a long time. Fina looks at the person carefully and thinks hard to remember the identity of that guy. She knows that face but something’s off somewhere.

Fina: (whispers to herself) That guy looks like the class president but he doesn’t have the glasses (scrutinizes the guy) Oh? Wait..but he’s wearing our school uniform?

Finished wiping water, the guy wears his glasses which was kept in his blazer so that they won’t be wet and turns to see if any empty space is available for him to sit. He then recognizes a familiar face who is looking at him.

Kyungsoo: (walks to a girl) Fina-ssi. Annyeong! (smiles)
Fina: Annyeonghaseyo. So you’re really the class president. Sorry I couldn’t recognizes you earlier (bows slightly)
Kyungsoo: (smiles) Annya gwenchana. I didn’t have my glasses on. But, I haven’t seen you wait for the bus here before. Are you living nearby?
Fina: Ne, I live in that building (pointing to her house). I usually walks to school with my sister to save some cost (grins)
Kyungsoo: Oh, I see. No wonder (leans his back to a pole as there is no place to sit)
Fina: How about you? Do you live nearby too? Do you always take bus to school?
Kyungsoo: Ne, my parents’ condominium is on the 5th level (points to the condominium complex opposite to the apartment building)
Fina: Oh I see (smiles)

Both students suddenly stop talking and turns their heads to opposite directions. Both are so silent for a while for no reason.

Yanah: (sees the situation from the beginning, curious of the identity of that guy) Fina-yah (pokes Fina) Who’s that guy? (whispers)
Fina: (whispers) My classmate. He’s the one who snatched the top rank in class from me
Yanah: (shocked) He’s that genius you’re talking about? (says out loud)
Fina: (closes Yanah’s mouth with her hands) Yah! Shikkereo! He might hear us (lets go her hand from Yanah’s mouth) Ne, he’s that genius. I don’t know he lives near to our house
Yanah: Daebak daebak! (excited) He’s a genius and good-looking chaebol. Ah, perfection (admires)
Mira: The world is so unfair. On the other hand,we have no money, no look and only depend on our brains to have a better life in future.
Fina: I know, right eonnie? I envy him (sneaks a peek at Kyungsoo)
Yanah: (suddenly sad) Good for both of you to have smart brains. Here I am, stupid, ugly and a beggar. What a sad life (pretends to wipe her tears)

Fina and Mira stand up and simultaneously hit Yanah on head for her pathetic act. Both of them then head to the bus that arrived a moment earlier.


Yanah: Yah! Wait for me! (runs to the bus)

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Hello My Love (Part 4)

Baekhyun: (smirks and enters the house) Her sister must be insane

Baekhyun’s apartment.

Man: (gets up from lying on couch) What took you so long? I almost fall asleep waiting for you
Baekhyun: (closes the door) I encountered a problem in front of the elevator. It’s nothing big anyway (puts the box in his room)
Man: (nods) Oh okay.
Girl: (yells from the kitchen) Suho oppa! Is Baekhyun oppa home? Let’s eat then! The ramyun’s ready!
Suho: (yells back) Arasso! We’re coming! (gets up from the couch and goes to Baekhyun’s room) Baekhyun-yah. Let’s go eat.  Yanah has called for us
Baekhyun: (runs to the kitchen) Ramyun-ah!!! Oppa’s comingggg!!

Fina and Mira’s apartment

Mira: (still mad) Aish jinja that ahjussi..(stomps her feet to her room)
Fina: (closes the door) Eonni eonni gwenchana? Do you want to eat? (yells from the living room and heads to the kitchen)
Mira: Anya twesseo. I wanna go to sleep already (changes clothes)
Fina: (whispers alone) Why do I think that the previous man looks familiar? Have I seen him before? I think I’ve seen that face somewhere (takes a mug and drinks water)

Fina’s handphone suddenly rings the song Call Me Baby by a boy band group named EXO,  waking her up from her wonders.

Fina: (looks at the contact’s name, grins happily and picks up the call) Hello hello uri chingu! Yanah-yah! Bogoshiposseo! (squealed)
Yanah: Nado nado!! Aigoo you brat. You didn’t call me for 5 days.
Fina: Yah, mianhae. I was very busy with homeworks. I was very upset with my last examination’s result (lies on her bed)
Yanah: (a bit surprised) Waeyo waeyo? Don’t tell me me you didn’t get A for all subjects.You’re the smartest in our school
Fina: Annya, it’s not that. It’s just...well, I didn’t get the top rank in my class.
Yanah: No way! There’s someone who’s smarter than you? Daebak daebak!! How genius she is, I wonder (excited, totally surprised face)
Fina: HE is very good. I mean, he got 100 for everything. What did he eat, eh? I seriously cannot understand with such intelligence
Yanah: It’s HE? Omo, yah. He must be hot, isn’t he? I bet he’s popular with the girls. Omo omo! I’m very excited! Cannot wait till I see him by myself
Fina: (laughs) What are you talking about? You’re not even here. How can you see his face?
Yanah: (pauses for a second) Erm, honestly, I have something to tell you. That’s the reason why I called
Fina: (quickly gets up and sits down to listen properly) What is it? I know you have something interesting in your pocket. You just can’t live without telling me everything
Yanah: (laughs) Hahaha you know me too well, Fina. Well, actually I can see that boy you’re talking about tomorrow
Fina: (in daze) What do you mean by that?
Yanah: I mean, I can really see the boy you said is a genius starting from tomorrow because I’m going to Shinhwa High School
Fina: (screams and jumps around the room) Yayyyyy!!!!! You meant you got that sport scholarship? Yahh! Chulkahaeee!!!!! We’re going to meet at school! Ah!!! Nomu choa!!!
Yanah: (puts away her phone from her ear as Fina screams) Yah! It’s night! Noisy, you know.
Fina: (stop screaming) Yah why didn’t you tell me earlier. I should’ve invite you to stay with us.
Yanah: (smirks) Annya, twesseo. I’m very close to you right now anyway.
Fina: (in disbelief) Oh, jinja? Where are you staying? The condominium building across the road is the nearest neighbourhood. It’s not possible you’re staying there, right? (shakes her head)Annya, annya it’s too much money to be spent on a house. So where are you staying?
Yanah: Go to the balcony. You can see me from there

Fina jumps on her feet and runs to the balcony outside the living room. She has her mouth open in disbelief again when she sees Yanah, standing on the balcony right next to her house, waving at her with a smile on her face

Fina: (hangs up the call) Yahhh! Yanah-yah!!!
Yanah: Fina-yah! I’m very close, right?
Fina: (turns around, searching for any trash to throw at Yanah) Yah! You brat! You naughty thing. How could you do this to me? Not telling anything, popping out of the house next door out of sudden. You act like a ghost, you know? (tries to grab Yanah’s hair but couldn’t reach)
Yanah: (mehrong, steps back a bit) I just wanted to surprise you. But still, I am in 2nd class. The athlete’s class (pretends to be sad) I got my scholarship thanks to my talent in chess anyway.
Fina: Annya class is next to yours. We can always eat together during breaks (grins happily) Geundae...I just met with a guy saying that he’s staying at that house (pointing to Yanah’s house)
Yanah: You mean the one who carried a big box?
Fina: (nods aggresively) Ne! That’s correct. Byun Baekhyun, if I’m not mistaken.
Yanah: (smiles) Yah, did you forget? He’s my cousin. The one who is in the same school as my brother. They’re in a band together at school. Don’t you remember?
Fina: (smacks her forehead) Ah! No wonder I felt like I've seen him somewhere before. He’s your cousin! So you mean he doesn’t stay at the school’s hostel anymore?
Yanah: (nods) Ne. With my brother. Both are living with me in the house
Fina: Whoa lucky you to have two oppas to protect you (in awe)
Yanah: (sighs) Forget it. It’s a lot of work being the only girl in the house (reminded of house chores she had to do) Anyway, what time is it now? Why are you still awake?
Fina: I was doing my revision but I think I’m tired already. It’s very cold outside here. Don’t you want to sleep? (blows on her hands)
Yanah: Ne. I think it’s very cold too. Let’s sleep. I wanna wake up early and go to school with you
Fina: That is a must! Arasso, then let’s meet tomorrow in front of the door. Jaljayo! (waves)
Yanah: Ne, aratta. Jaljayo! (waves back)

The two best friends since childhood quickly enter their house as the night’s weather is getting chilly outside. 

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hello My Love! (Part 3)

Spring. Night. The sibling’s apartment

Fina is doing her revision for today’s topic when a loud noise from outside disturbs her concentration. She looks for the source of the sound from the window in her room. There are a few men unloading stuffs from a vehicle outside next door. Fina wonders if anyone is moving in tonight as the house has been empty about a month ago.

Meanwhile, Mira has finished her part-time work and is heading back home when she suddenly bumps onto a man who’s holding a big box  when she walks out the elevator. Both fall and things inside the box  are scattered everywhere.

Mira: (touches her knees in pain) Auchh..appo (lifts her head) chogiyo, didn’t u see me earlier? Why did you hit me? 
Man: (stands up, both hands on his waist) Chogiyo, ahjumma. You’re the one who hit me . You should watch people coming in when you’re getting out of the elevator.
Mira: (struggles to stand up, manages to do it) Ahjumma?! Chogiyo ahjussi, next time make sure the box isn’t too big so that it won’t block your view and cause you to bump into people (brushes the dust off her denim pants)
Man: Ahjussi?! Yah!

Fina who heard her sister’s voice after wondering about the person who’s moving next door runs to her sister to stop the argument.

Fina: (worries) Eonnie, waeyo?
Mira: (pissed off) Aish nan molla. This ahjussi bumped onto me and said it was my fault
Man: (furious) It’s true! She’s the one who didn’t see I was coming into the elevator and just dashed out from the elevator.
Mira: Yah! Anni-janha!
Fina: Heumanne eonnie (stops her sister, turns to the man) chosuomnida. My sister must’ve been tired after working hard since afternoon
Mira: (stops her sister from bowing) Hajima Fina-yah
Fina: (stops bowing and picking up the scattered things, puts inside the box)
Man: (lifts the box after Fina’s done helping him picking up his stuffs) Kamsahamnida. I shall have this placed in my place now. Till then (bows and set off)
Fina: (bows a few times) Annya, it’s nothing. Chosuomnida again. (turns to Mira) Let’s go back home

Fina thought it’s over already about her sister and the unknown man when she finally realizes it’s not  as they finds out that the man is their new neighbour.

Fina: Chogi, Mr. Are you moving into this place today? (points to the door next to their house)
Man: (nods) Ne, you’re right.
Fina: (smiles ) Aigoo,  I guess we’re neighbours then. My house is next door.
Man: (surprised) Jinja? It’s good then. Too bad our first meeting is not impressive. Anyway, let me introduce myself. Byun Baekhyun, a high school senior in Kirin Art School
Fina: (bows) Oh, so you’re an oppa. Annyeonghaseyo, A Fina imnida. This is my sister, A Mira. We live together. She’s the same age as you.
Baekhyun: Oh really? (glances at Mira) I thought she’s a college student. She looks old (smirks)
Mira: (turns to Baekhyun, furious) What do you mean by that? You’re the one who’s like a harabeoji. Having a bad sight and bumping into people. Aigoo eottokhe? You should have your eyes checked (smirks)
Baekhyun: (furious) Mworago?

Fina: (pushes her sister into the house) Aigoo wae re eonnie..jinja. (turns back to Baekhyun) Chosuomnida. She didn’t mean any of the words. Don’t take it to your hearts. Anyway, nice meeting you. I have to continue my revision. Please do tell us if you need any help? Okay? Till then (bows and goes inside the house)

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Hello My Love (Part 2)

Spring. Afternoon. Fina’s class

The whole class of 1-1 is noisy after coming back from the lunch break.A teacher enters and everyone starts to lower the volume of their voices. The students quickly go to their seats and stand up to greet the teacher.

Teacher: Annya, gwenchana. You may sit down (fixes her glasses)

Everyone sits down

Teacher:, I have your examination’s result with me.
Class 1-1: Woooo!!! (excited)
Teacher: (continues) And also, we’re going to appoint the class president based on this result
Class 1-1: Wooo!!!! (louder cheers)
Teacher: Cha now, let’s start with the lowest mark. Kim Soyoung, Lee Ji Eun...(calls students name)

Those who are called go to the front to take their result from the teacher. Fina waits patiently as she hopes to get the highest mark as she usually did in the middle school days

Teacher: Cha..ije..we have 2 last names which one of them has the highest mark and will be appointed as the class president. It’s betweeen A Fina and Do Kyungsoo. Which of them will be the class president, I wonder? (grins, teasing the whole class)The second highest mark belong s to........A Fina. Please take your result

Fina walked to the front, looking devastated as she’s already failed to obtain the highest mark in the class

Teacher: So this means Do Kyungsoo has the highest mark for this examination and is appointed to be the class president. Give him a big hand (claps)
Class 1-1: (cheer and applause for him)
Teacher: So, Do Kyungsoo. I hope you’ll take the responsibility with an open heart,hmm? (smiles at Kyungsoo) That’s all from me (leaves the class)

Many of the girls in the class swirm Kyungsoo’s place, taking chances to congratulate him

Girl 1: (grins annoyingly) Kyungsoo-yah. Chulkahae for being the class president
Kyungsoo: (scratches his neck, shyly smiles) Ne, kamsahamnida
Girls: (squealed) Omo! He smiled at me!!

Despite all the girls surrounding him, Kyungsoo is trying to look behind him and searching for someone. That person who’s the only one not being able to congratulate him and had a sour face taking her result earlier.

Kyungsoo: (wonders) Did she really want to be the class president that badly? Is she upset? Ah..these girls are blocking my view. I cannot see her face

Meanwhile, Fina’s already throwing her sight to the empty vast soccer field outside of the window. This is the main reason she loves sitting next to the window. The sight from the outside sometimes calms her and make her happy again. It’s not that she’s not happy with her marks. She’s just afraid that not being able to be the top in her class might affect her scholarship. Her sister once got the third place in the class in an examination and bawled her eyes out, scared of the thought of losing the scholarship. They don’t come from a well off family. Without scholarship, it’ll be hard for Mira who’s already have to work part time to earn money to support their living expenses. It’s not that they have no family who can help them .It’s just too hard for her sister and Fina to ask for money from their parents. They’re indeed mature and independent  for such young ages.

The last period of class’s bell rings means the school time’s over. The tired students of Shinhwa High School are excited to go home, as usual.
Fina is going down the stairs, alone, upset of the thoughts of telling her sister about her result later. Without realizing, someone has been following Fina since she got out from the class.

Kyungsoo: Cho..chogiyo..Fina, am I right? (stops Fina and stands in front of her)
Fina: (lifts her head) Ne, you’re right (analizes the face in front of her)  Ah, class president. May I help you?
Kyungsoo: (shakes his head in denial)  Anya, it’s nothing. I just wanna ask something. May I? (feeling anxious)
Fina: (frowns) Yes, of course. What is it?
Kyungsoo: were upset earlier, right? If you want to be class president, I can ask the teacher about it (fixes his glasses)
Fina: (giggles) Haha anieyo. I don’t want the title. I was just upset of not getting the top rank in the class
Kyungsoo: (relieved, smiles) Ah..I see...then (about to ask something)
Fina: (look at her watch, cuts off Kyungsoo’s words) I have to go back now. I have to prepare food for my sister. She has to go to work after school. Till then, annyeong (waves at Kyungsoo and runs down the stairs)

Kyungsoo: Ah, ne. Sure. Annyeong (surprised and waves back) She’s interesting..(grins and walks down the stairs)

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Hello My Love (Part 1)

In the middle of the busy Seoul city, two girls are living their usual life as teenagers that work hard to be the best students and make their parents proud and not regretting the decision to allow them living by themselves in a small apartment.

Spring. Morning. The siblings’ apartment. Weekend

Mira: (couch surfing, yells) Fina-yah, you make breakfast today
Fina: (just woke up and walking out from her room, sleepy) Yah..mwoya. It was me yesterday. You do it today (sit on the couch)
Mira: Aigoo you brat. So meticulous. (leaves the couch and walking to the kitchen) I’ll just make a sandwich for each of us. (starts looking for ingredients in the kitchen) Anyway, how ‘s the first semester examination? Are you confident?
Fina: I don’t know. It’s been only a few months being in the school. I still don’t know who are my rivals and what are their potentials. Let’s just wait and see first (changing channels) How about you?
Mira: (frying eggs) I’m going to kill myself if I don’t get the first place this time. Look at these dark circles. I studied really hard.
Fina: (look at her sister’s face and laughs) You sure did. You look like a panda now. You’d better take a good care of your skin or omma won’t notice you when we visit her later
Mira: (touches her skin) Of course I have to. Or else Sehun won’t fall for me
Fina: (shakes her head) Stop it. I don’t want a brother in-law who’s the same age as me

Spring. Morning. Shinhwa High School.

A group of boys are practicing basketball in the gym. There are a few girls who sneakily peeking the practice from outside of the gym. A teacher saw them and told them off.

Chanyeol: Ya Sehun-ah, did you see those girls? (taking a break from the practice)
Sehun: (glances at the gym’s door) Ani, what girls?
Chanyeol: There were a few girls peeking at us practicing. I bet they’re watching you (smirks)
Sehun: Annya(wipes his sweat) What are you talking about..They’re watching Jung In-hyung. He was cool when he shot the three points goal (throws a bottle of mineral water to Jung In who’s coming to them)
Jung In: (opens the bottle’s cap) Did you mention my name? Wae? Anything to ask? (drinks the water)
Sehun: Chanyeol-hyung said there were girls watching us practice earlier but left already.
Jung In: They must be watching you then (smiles)
Sehun: What are you talking about? I don’t think so (blushes)
Jung In: Of course they were. You are the newbie here. New kids always get famous (drinks again)
Chanyeol: Or maybe because Shinhwa Basketball team is famous that they are interested in your talent. Wanna see if your talent match to our standard (serious face)
Sehun: (stutters) I..I’ll work harder. I’ll make sure my talent match to this team standard

Jung In and Chanyeol laugh

Chanyeol: Don’t be scared. We’re just joking. Why would we choose a freshman to be in the team if he’s not good? (places his hand on Sehun’s shoulder)
Jung In: (nods) He’s right. We’re also here anyway.We’ll help you. That’s the function of seniors(grins) Cha, haja..let’s start practicing again
Sehun: (smiles brightly and nods)

 Shinhwa High School, as grand as its name, Shinhwa is a prestigous private school which excels in everything including academic, arts and sports. Many students from all over the country try hard to enter the school but the students quota is very limited. Only talented students are chosen. Fina and Mira didn’t know anything about the school 3 years ago. They just studied and did well in the middle school and Mira was offered to enter Shinhwa High School with an academic scholarship. Fina followed her sister’s step 2 years later and was offered to enter Shinhwa High School with an academic scholarship too. Mira who travelled back and forth from her parents’ house in Incheon decided to rent a small apartment near to the school and live with her sister so it’d be easier for both girls to go to school and focus on their studies.

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Assalamualaikum guys

Harini cuti hari hol negeri Pahang. Serunuk lah aku kerja 2 hari je dalam seminggu ni. Haha.

Anyway..result UPU dah keluar. Andddd aku berjaya lah dapat apa yang aku nak sangat. Alhamdulillah. Kedengaran jugalah suara dolphin menggegar Desa Bidara bila aku menjerit gembira. Ahaks..

Sibuklah budak-budak dalam group WhatsApp kelas Nilam 1 bertanya khabar berita UPU masing-masing.

Aku, Yiyin dan Maknanot memang jauh terpisah. U masing-masing berbeza. Tapi belum tentu lagi tempat. Maybe Kuantan je belaka? Boleh ah cinema sokmo aku cerita diaa..

Menginjak ke umur 18 tahun 4 bulan, aku dah mula diusik dengan kahwin, jadi menantu, anak dara bla bla bla bagai.

Tapi aku malas cara lagi hal-hal tu. Sorry, tak teringin. Tapi bab jadi anak dara, aku dah mula ambil tahu. Macam kemas rumah, aku dah boleh bangga. Jaga budak, hmm boleh tahan. Memasak, kbye dulu for now.

Appearance, aku masih fail. Tak reti lah nak berfesyen yang simple yet still attractive. Maklumlah kita wanita Muslimah. Tak perlu lah over

So cerita dia aku pun melayan beauty shows and consider a lot of skin products untuk dipakai. But still for the time being, I've done nothing to my skin.

Mommy dan Diyanah said takpayah pakai2 sangatlah. Kang rosak muka. Aku/Ibu elok je tak pakai apa-apa and I was like, diam semua!!! korang cantik putih aku tak.

So, azam aku tahun ni nak jadi a lady. Bright personality but masih cantik di mata ladies yang lain. Ya, aku tak cara pun pasal pandangan lelaki.

Hahaha ok dah bye. Nak cakap aku ada crush baru. Siapa?

Sshh rahsia.

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