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Friday, 22 May 2015

A whole new world


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

A whole new world. U ols must be expecting I nak cerita pasal preparation nak masuk U, takut, berdebar, cuak, tak sanggup and macam2 lagi perasaan bila nak sambung belajar jauh2 ni. Well, malas nak cerita benda obvious. Ofc lah I'd be feeling anxious, nervous, excited and a load more feelings because yeah indeed it'll be a whole new world to me. But nah, let's just skip that 'world'.

Ok for now, I am very scared because u know how they say kau baiklah macamana pun masuk U kau kompem culture shock kalau iman di dada senipis bawang. Kalau kau seorang tetamu tetap Allah pada waktu Dhuha, there's a big possibility u won't do it anymore kat U.

Because u know what, we are what things surround us are. Things can be sorted to culture, lifestyle, habit, mannerism, education, religion and stuffs.

Kalau hang baik gila kat sekolah dulu example hang memang dak lepaih solat jemaah, selalu jadi imam, akak naqibah usrah, pendakwah aktif tarbiah sentap bagai tapi kalau hang balik rumah hang solat Maghrib and Isyak je jemaah, besar kemungkinan hang akan terpengaruh dengan a whole new world of freedom yang akan nampak majestically depan mata kau because u're free from your parents, teachers and family members who always have you under their surveillance.

Bila hang hadap a whole new world yang terbuntang luas ni, tanpa iman tanpa keberkatan tanpa petunjuk Allah hang akan hanyut ditelan arus modenisasi.

Pointnya, berpesan kepada diri sendiri dan semua, jangan tinggal solat dan jangan lupa minta panduan Allah. Kerna jalan Allah itu satu-satunya jalan yang betul dan lurus.


Who's VIP here? *angkat tangan* me lorh me! A proud VIP! Seriously when I first knew Big Bang from their song Beautiful Hangover, I could not choose a bias but back then, GD caught my eyes but I wasn't a that serious VIP because Big Bang had (and still has) this distinctive fashion styles which were too much (not anymore, I just don't care) for an innocent lamb like me. I did listen to every song and album they produced though and have been loving them ever since.

After Fantastic Baby, Big Bang finally made their comeback and I was excited and nearly died at the moment I watched and listened to the song LOSER. Actually, I sorta have a biased feeling towards Taeyang on the days when he was promoting Eyes, Nose, Lips and that song just stuck in my head like a gum and damn, in Loser, he's a bae and very cool man. I just melted into his cute eye smile and sexy voice.

THEN!!! the old crush slowly creeps in the way and is climbing the chart of my top bias list. GD, why are you so nice and swag and good-looking in the same time? He's funny and multi-talented(ofc undeniably the most talented idol in the industry) and lovely and haaahhh Youngbae-yah I'm sorry but u know, first love is very hard to forget.

There are days when I pluck in my earphone and the MP3 player of the phone plays the song 4:44 a.m by Bang Yongguk. Uh no that feeling again...yep, he's my top bias in B.A.P. He's cool like meh haha kiddin. I can never stop loving this guy.

There are also days when I stream the Youtube channel and watch videos of WIN and Mix&Match programs. Damn it! Where will I put all my winners of WINNER? Yeah, still cannot choose a bias from Winner. I am just in love with all of them. ALL OF THEM. iKON, a group of 7 young men who don't even debut yet tak kalah juga nak menarik hati mak milah yang lemah ni. Sexy Junhoe is no 1 in iKON for me, now. Sexy bhaii suara dia oh his vocal, his figure gosh sexy Junhoe is so delicious.

Saja nak summarize that I'm a proud V.I.P, Inner Circle, Baby and iKON's fan. These guys talents caught my attention first then barulah depa punya appearance such as looks. I'm a type of KPOP fan who doesn't give love easily. Flirt to me with your songs and I'll be yours. Lulz sensual sangat ayat.

 Dah bye ngantuk

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