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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Hello My Love (Part 4)

Baekhyun: (smirks and enters the house) Her sister must be insane

Baekhyun’s apartment.

Man: (gets up from lying on couch) What took you so long? I almost fall asleep waiting for you
Baekhyun: (closes the door) I encountered a problem in front of the elevator. It’s nothing big anyway (puts the box in his room)
Man: (nods) Oh okay.
Girl: (yells from the kitchen) Suho oppa! Is Baekhyun oppa home? Let’s eat then! The ramyun’s ready!
Suho: (yells back) Arasso! We’re coming! (gets up from the couch and goes to Baekhyun’s room) Baekhyun-yah. Let’s go eat.  Yanah has called for us
Baekhyun: (runs to the kitchen) Ramyun-ah!!! Oppa’s comingggg!!

Fina and Mira’s apartment

Mira: (still mad) Aish jinja that ahjussi..(stomps her feet to her room)
Fina: (closes the door) Eonni eonni gwenchana? Do you want to eat? (yells from the living room and heads to the kitchen)
Mira: Anya twesseo. I wanna go to sleep already (changes clothes)
Fina: (whispers alone) Why do I think that the previous man looks familiar? Have I seen him before? I think I’ve seen that face somewhere (takes a mug and drinks water)

Fina’s handphone suddenly rings the song Call Me Baby by a boy band group named EXO,  waking her up from her wonders.

Fina: (looks at the contact’s name, grins happily and picks up the call) Hello hello uri chingu! Yanah-yah! Bogoshiposseo! (squealed)
Yanah: Nado nado!! Aigoo you brat. You didn’t call me for 5 days.
Fina: Yah, mianhae. I was very busy with homeworks. I was very upset with my last examination’s result (lies on her bed)
Yanah: (a bit surprised) Waeyo waeyo? Don’t tell me me you didn’t get A for all subjects.You’re the smartest in our school
Fina: Annya, it’s not that. It’s just...well, I didn’t get the top rank in my class.
Yanah: No way! There’s someone who’s smarter than you? Daebak daebak!! How genius she is, I wonder (excited, totally surprised face)
Fina: HE is very good. I mean, he got 100 for everything. What did he eat, eh? I seriously cannot understand with such intelligence
Yanah: It’s HE? Omo, yah. He must be hot, isn’t he? I bet he’s popular with the girls. Omo omo! I’m very excited! Cannot wait till I see him by myself
Fina: (laughs) What are you talking about? You’re not even here. How can you see his face?
Yanah: (pauses for a second) Erm, honestly, I have something to tell you. That’s the reason why I called
Fina: (quickly gets up and sits down to listen properly) What is it? I know you have something interesting in your pocket. You just can’t live without telling me everything
Yanah: (laughs) Hahaha you know me too well, Fina. Well, actually I can see that boy you’re talking about tomorrow
Fina: (in daze) What do you mean by that?
Yanah: I mean, I can really see the boy you said is a genius starting from tomorrow because I’m going to Shinhwa High School
Fina: (screams and jumps around the room) Yayyyyy!!!!! You meant you got that sport scholarship? Yahh! Chulkahaeee!!!!! We’re going to meet at school! Ah!!! Nomu choa!!!
Yanah: (puts away her phone from her ear as Fina screams) Yah! It’s night! Noisy, you know.
Fina: (stop screaming) Yah why didn’t you tell me earlier. I should’ve invite you to stay with us.
Yanah: (smirks) Annya, twesseo. I’m very close to you right now anyway.
Fina: (in disbelief) Oh, jinja? Where are you staying? The condominium building across the road is the nearest neighbourhood. It’s not possible you’re staying there, right? (shakes her head)Annya, annya it’s too much money to be spent on a house. So where are you staying?
Yanah: Go to the balcony. You can see me from there

Fina jumps on her feet and runs to the balcony outside the living room. She has her mouth open in disbelief again when she sees Yanah, standing on the balcony right next to her house, waving at her with a smile on her face

Fina: (hangs up the call) Yahhh! Yanah-yah!!!
Yanah: Fina-yah! I’m very close, right?
Fina: (turns around, searching for any trash to throw at Yanah) Yah! You brat! You naughty thing. How could you do this to me? Not telling anything, popping out of the house next door out of sudden. You act like a ghost, you know? (tries to grab Yanah’s hair but couldn’t reach)
Yanah: (mehrong, steps back a bit) I just wanted to surprise you. But still, I am in 2nd class. The athlete’s class (pretends to be sad) I got my scholarship thanks to my talent in chess anyway.
Fina: Annya class is next to yours. We can always eat together during breaks (grins happily) Geundae...I just met with a guy saying that he’s staying at that house (pointing to Yanah’s house)
Yanah: You mean the one who carried a big box?
Fina: (nods aggresively) Ne! That’s correct. Byun Baekhyun, if I’m not mistaken.
Yanah: (smiles) Yah, did you forget? He’s my cousin. The one who is in the same school as my brother. They’re in a band together at school. Don’t you remember?
Fina: (smacks her forehead) Ah! No wonder I felt like I've seen him somewhere before. He’s your cousin! So you mean he doesn’t stay at the school’s hostel anymore?
Yanah: (nods) Ne. With my brother. Both are living with me in the house
Fina: Whoa lucky you to have two oppas to protect you (in awe)
Yanah: (sighs) Forget it. It’s a lot of work being the only girl in the house (reminded of house chores she had to do) Anyway, what time is it now? Why are you still awake?
Fina: I was doing my revision but I think I’m tired already. It’s very cold outside here. Don’t you want to sleep? (blows on her hands)
Yanah: Ne. I think it’s very cold too. Let’s sleep. I wanna wake up early and go to school with you
Fina: That is a must! Arasso, then let’s meet tomorrow in front of the door. Jaljayo! (waves)
Yanah: Ne, aratta. Jaljayo! (waves back)

The two best friends since childhood quickly enter their house as the night’s weather is getting chilly outside. 

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