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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hello My Love (Part 1)

In the middle of the busy Seoul city, two girls are living their usual life as teenagers that work hard to be the best students and make their parents proud and not regretting the decision to allow them living by themselves in a small apartment.

Spring. Morning. The siblings’ apartment. Weekend

Mira: (couch surfing, yells) Fina-yah, you make breakfast today
Fina: (just woke up and walking out from her room, sleepy) Yah..mwoya. It was me yesterday. You do it today (sit on the couch)
Mira: Aigoo you brat. So meticulous. (leaves the couch and walking to the kitchen) I’ll just make a sandwich for each of us. (starts looking for ingredients in the kitchen) Anyway, how ‘s the first semester examination? Are you confident?
Fina: I don’t know. It’s been only a few months being in the school. I still don’t know who are my rivals and what are their potentials. Let’s just wait and see first (changing channels) How about you?
Mira: (frying eggs) I’m going to kill myself if I don’t get the first place this time. Look at these dark circles. I studied really hard.
Fina: (look at her sister’s face and laughs) You sure did. You look like a panda now. You’d better take a good care of your skin or omma won’t notice you when we visit her later
Mira: (touches her skin) Of course I have to. Or else Sehun won’t fall for me
Fina: (shakes her head) Stop it. I don’t want a brother in-law who’s the same age as me

Spring. Morning. Shinhwa High School.

A group of boys are practicing basketball in the gym. There are a few girls who sneakily peeking the practice from outside of the gym. A teacher saw them and told them off.

Chanyeol: Ya Sehun-ah, did you see those girls? (taking a break from the practice)
Sehun: (glances at the gym’s door) Ani, what girls?
Chanyeol: There were a few girls peeking at us practicing. I bet they’re watching you (smirks)
Sehun: Annya(wipes his sweat) What are you talking about..They’re watching Jung In-hyung. He was cool when he shot the three points goal (throws a bottle of mineral water to Jung In who’s coming to them)
Jung In: (opens the bottle’s cap) Did you mention my name? Wae? Anything to ask? (drinks the water)
Sehun: Chanyeol-hyung said there were girls watching us practice earlier but left already.
Jung In: They must be watching you then (smiles)
Sehun: What are you talking about? I don’t think so (blushes)
Jung In: Of course they were. You are the newbie here. New kids always get famous (drinks again)
Chanyeol: Or maybe because Shinhwa Basketball team is famous that they are interested in your talent. Wanna see if your talent match to our standard (serious face)
Sehun: (stutters) I..I’ll work harder. I’ll make sure my talent match to this team standard

Jung In and Chanyeol laugh

Chanyeol: Don’t be scared. We’re just joking. Why would we choose a freshman to be in the team if he’s not good? (places his hand on Sehun’s shoulder)
Jung In: (nods) He’s right. We’re also here anyway.We’ll help you. That’s the function of seniors(grins) Cha, haja..let’s start practicing again
Sehun: (smiles brightly and nods)

 Shinhwa High School, as grand as its name, Shinhwa is a prestigous private school which excels in everything including academic, arts and sports. Many students from all over the country try hard to enter the school but the students quota is very limited. Only talented students are chosen. Fina and Mira didn’t know anything about the school 3 years ago. They just studied and did well in the middle school and Mira was offered to enter Shinhwa High School with an academic scholarship. Fina followed her sister’s step 2 years later and was offered to enter Shinhwa High School with an academic scholarship too. Mira who travelled back and forth from her parents’ house in Incheon decided to rent a small apartment near to the school and live with her sister so it’d be easier for both girls to go to school and focus on their studies.

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