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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hello My Love (Part 2)

Spring. Afternoon. Fina’s class

The whole class of 1-1 is noisy after coming back from the lunch break.A teacher enters and everyone starts to lower the volume of their voices. The students quickly go to their seats and stand up to greet the teacher.

Teacher: Annya, gwenchana. You may sit down (fixes her glasses)

Everyone sits down

Teacher:, I have your examination’s result with me.
Class 1-1: Woooo!!! (excited)
Teacher: (continues) And also, we’re going to appoint the class president based on this result
Class 1-1: Wooo!!!! (louder cheers)
Teacher: Cha now, let’s start with the lowest mark. Kim Soyoung, Lee Ji Eun...(calls students name)

Those who are called go to the front to take their result from the teacher. Fina waits patiently as she hopes to get the highest mark as she usually did in the middle school days

Teacher: Cha..ije..we have 2 last names which one of them has the highest mark and will be appointed as the class president. It’s betweeen A Fina and Do Kyungsoo. Which of them will be the class president, I wonder? (grins, teasing the whole class)The second highest mark belong s to........A Fina. Please take your result

Fina walked to the front, looking devastated as she’s already failed to obtain the highest mark in the class

Teacher: So this means Do Kyungsoo has the highest mark for this examination and is appointed to be the class president. Give him a big hand (claps)
Class 1-1: (cheer and applause for him)
Teacher: So, Do Kyungsoo. I hope you’ll take the responsibility with an open heart,hmm? (smiles at Kyungsoo) That’s all from me (leaves the class)

Many of the girls in the class swirm Kyungsoo’s place, taking chances to congratulate him

Girl 1: (grins annoyingly) Kyungsoo-yah. Chulkahae for being the class president
Kyungsoo: (scratches his neck, shyly smiles) Ne, kamsahamnida
Girls: (squealed) Omo! He smiled at me!!

Despite all the girls surrounding him, Kyungsoo is trying to look behind him and searching for someone. That person who’s the only one not being able to congratulate him and had a sour face taking her result earlier.

Kyungsoo: (wonders) Did she really want to be the class president that badly? Is she upset? Ah..these girls are blocking my view. I cannot see her face

Meanwhile, Fina’s already throwing her sight to the empty vast soccer field outside of the window. This is the main reason she loves sitting next to the window. The sight from the outside sometimes calms her and make her happy again. It’s not that she’s not happy with her marks. She’s just afraid that not being able to be the top in her class might affect her scholarship. Her sister once got the third place in the class in an examination and bawled her eyes out, scared of the thought of losing the scholarship. They don’t come from a well off family. Without scholarship, it’ll be hard for Mira who’s already have to work part time to earn money to support their living expenses. It’s not that they have no family who can help them .It’s just too hard for her sister and Fina to ask for money from their parents. They’re indeed mature and independent  for such young ages.

The last period of class’s bell rings means the school time’s over. The tired students of Shinhwa High School are excited to go home, as usual.
Fina is going down the stairs, alone, upset of the thoughts of telling her sister about her result later. Without realizing, someone has been following Fina since she got out from the class.

Kyungsoo: Cho..chogiyo..Fina, am I right? (stops Fina and stands in front of her)
Fina: (lifts her head) Ne, you’re right (analizes the face in front of her)  Ah, class president. May I help you?
Kyungsoo: (shakes his head in denial)  Anya, it’s nothing. I just wanna ask something. May I? (feeling anxious)
Fina: (frowns) Yes, of course. What is it?
Kyungsoo: were upset earlier, right? If you want to be class president, I can ask the teacher about it (fixes his glasses)
Fina: (giggles) Haha anieyo. I don’t want the title. I was just upset of not getting the top rank in the class
Kyungsoo: (relieved, smiles) Ah..I see...then (about to ask something)
Fina: (look at her watch, cuts off Kyungsoo’s words) I have to go back now. I have to prepare food for my sister. She has to go to work after school. Till then, annyeong (waves at Kyungsoo and runs down the stairs)

Kyungsoo: Ah, ne. Sure. Annyeong (surprised and waves back) She’s interesting..(grins and walks down the stairs)

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