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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hello My Love! (Part 3)

Spring. Night. The sibling’s apartment

Fina is doing her revision for today’s topic when a loud noise from outside disturbs her concentration. She looks for the source of the sound from the window in her room. There are a few men unloading stuffs from a vehicle outside next door. Fina wonders if anyone is moving in tonight as the house has been empty about a month ago.

Meanwhile, Mira has finished her part-time work and is heading back home when she suddenly bumps onto a man who’s holding a big box  when she walks out the elevator. Both fall and things inside the box  are scattered everywhere.

Mira: (touches her knees in pain) Auchh..appo (lifts her head) chogiyo, didn’t u see me earlier? Why did you hit me? 
Man: (stands up, both hands on his waist) Chogiyo, ahjumma. You’re the one who hit me . You should watch people coming in when you’re getting out of the elevator.
Mira: (struggles to stand up, manages to do it) Ahjumma?! Chogiyo ahjussi, next time make sure the box isn’t too big so that it won’t block your view and cause you to bump into people (brushes the dust off her denim pants)
Man: Ahjussi?! Yah!

Fina who heard her sister’s voice after wondering about the person who’s moving next door runs to her sister to stop the argument.

Fina: (worries) Eonnie, waeyo?
Mira: (pissed off) Aish nan molla. This ahjussi bumped onto me and said it was my fault
Man: (furious) It’s true! She’s the one who didn’t see I was coming into the elevator and just dashed out from the elevator.
Mira: Yah! Anni-janha!
Fina: Heumanne eonnie (stops her sister, turns to the man) chosuomnida. My sister must’ve been tired after working hard since afternoon
Mira: (stops her sister from bowing) Hajima Fina-yah
Fina: (stops bowing and picking up the scattered things, puts inside the box)
Man: (lifts the box after Fina’s done helping him picking up his stuffs) Kamsahamnida. I shall have this placed in my place now. Till then (bows and set off)
Fina: (bows a few times) Annya, it’s nothing. Chosuomnida again. (turns to Mira) Let’s go back home

Fina thought it’s over already about her sister and the unknown man when she finally realizes it’s not  as they finds out that the man is their new neighbour.

Fina: Chogi, Mr. Are you moving into this place today? (points to the door next to their house)
Man: (nods) Ne, you’re right.
Fina: (smiles ) Aigoo,  I guess we’re neighbours then. My house is next door.
Man: (surprised) Jinja? It’s good then. Too bad our first meeting is not impressive. Anyway, let me introduce myself. Byun Baekhyun, a high school senior in Kirin Art School
Fina: (bows) Oh, so you’re an oppa. Annyeonghaseyo, A Fina imnida. This is my sister, A Mira. We live together. She’s the same age as you.
Baekhyun: Oh really? (glances at Mira) I thought she’s a college student. She looks old (smirks)
Mira: (turns to Baekhyun, furious) What do you mean by that? You’re the one who’s like a harabeoji. Having a bad sight and bumping into people. Aigoo eottokhe? You should have your eyes checked (smirks)
Baekhyun: (furious) Mworago?

Fina: (pushes her sister into the house) Aigoo wae re eonnie..jinja. (turns back to Baekhyun) Chosuomnida. She didn’t mean any of the words. Don’t take it to your hearts. Anyway, nice meeting you. I have to continue my revision. Please do tell us if you need any help? Okay? Till then (bows and goes inside the house)

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