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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Hello My Love (Part 5)

The spring weather is very great this year, thankfully that Fina and Mira have been able to walk on foot to school. This helps them to save some money from transportation fee. However, luck isn’t siding with them today despite the fact it’s the first morning Fina’s able to go to school together with Yanah again after last doing so in middle school. Under the bus station’s roof, Fina and Mira are waiting for Yanah and the bus silently while playing with their smartphones.

Yanah: (runs in the pouring rain) Fina-yah! Mian! Mian! (finally reaches the bus station) Fuh, mianhae eonnie, Fina-yah. I woke up late. Those useless men in the house didn’t wake me up and just went to school by themselves. I shall have my revenge tonight for their irresponsibility (holds her fist)
Fina: (gives Yanah her handkerchief) Yah, look at you. You might catch a cold if you go to school wearing this damp clothes (helps Yanah wipes the water off her uniform)
Yanah: (grins) Annya, gwenchana. I brought this (brings out hair dryer from her bag)
Fina: (surprised) Yah! It’s against the school’s rules (worried face)
Yanah: (sighs) I know, but what can I do. I’ll make sure I won’t be caught (winks)
Fina: (smiles, pushes Yanah’s head a bit)
Yanah: (sits beside Fina)

A few metres from the bus station, another person is running under the downpour, trying really hard to reach the bus station quickly. He finally gets under the roof and wipes the water off his hair and clothes. He seems to be shaking a lot due to being under the rain for quite a long time. Fina looks at the person carefully and thinks hard to remember the identity of that guy. She knows that face but something’s off somewhere.

Fina: (whispers to herself) That guy looks like the class president but he doesn’t have the glasses (scrutinizes the guy) Oh? Wait..but he’s wearing our school uniform?

Finished wiping water, the guy wears his glasses which was kept in his blazer so that they won’t be wet and turns to see if any empty space is available for him to sit. He then recognizes a familiar face who is looking at him.

Kyungsoo: (walks to a girl) Fina-ssi. Annyeong! (smiles)
Fina: Annyeonghaseyo. So you’re really the class president. Sorry I couldn’t recognizes you earlier (bows slightly)
Kyungsoo: (smiles) Annya gwenchana. I didn’t have my glasses on. But, I haven’t seen you wait for the bus here before. Are you living nearby?
Fina: Ne, I live in that building (pointing to her house). I usually walks to school with my sister to save some cost (grins)
Kyungsoo: Oh, I see. No wonder (leans his back to a pole as there is no place to sit)
Fina: How about you? Do you live nearby too? Do you always take bus to school?
Kyungsoo: Ne, my parents’ condominium is on the 5th level (points to the condominium complex opposite to the apartment building)
Fina: Oh I see (smiles)

Both students suddenly stop talking and turns their heads to opposite directions. Both are so silent for a while for no reason.

Yanah: (sees the situation from the beginning, curious of the identity of that guy) Fina-yah (pokes Fina) Who’s that guy? (whispers)
Fina: (whispers) My classmate. He’s the one who snatched the top rank in class from me
Yanah: (shocked) He’s that genius you’re talking about? (says out loud)
Fina: (closes Yanah’s mouth with her hands) Yah! Shikkereo! He might hear us (lets go her hand from Yanah’s mouth) Ne, he’s that genius. I don’t know he lives near to our house
Yanah: Daebak daebak! (excited) He’s a genius and good-looking chaebol. Ah, perfection (admires)
Mira: The world is so unfair. On the other hand,we have no money, no look and only depend on our brains to have a better life in future.
Fina: I know, right eonnie? I envy him (sneaks a peek at Kyungsoo)
Yanah: (suddenly sad) Good for both of you to have smart brains. Here I am, stupid, ugly and a beggar. What a sad life (pretends to wipe her tears)

Fina and Mira stand up and simultaneously hit Yanah on head for her pathetic act. Both of them then head to the bus that arrived a moment earlier.


Yanah: Yah! Wait for me! (runs to the bus)

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