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Monday, 30 March 2015

Sebelum dewsa...throwback


Terjumpa ni dalam file kat laptop. Have a glance of how childish I was. Presenting...


What de..tadi tengah sedap2 tengok Winner TV tetibe kena kacau. What da..haish jinja. Internet tutup. Modem kena ambil. Tu ah gelak kuat sangat. Mana taknya, Winner seres merepek like seriously apahal doh korang ni makan apa jadi tak betul sangat perangai.

Ok..again I’m back with something that stirred my feeling this week.

U know what, my ex-bf’s mom called me and wished me luck for my SPM. Dude, surprising huh? Not yet. Told my BFF’s son about this and he told me that my ex-bf asked for my phone number.
My expression was like


Ofc. I squealed at that moment like seriously, your ex-bf! The one whom you regretted for asking for a break up. Huh, don’t get me started. He became a lot better and somehow, I just seems can’t stand on the same level as him anymore.

Well, can I just say that he’s actually my crush? Used to be before we started dating and after breaking up, he’s still my crush.

The person I’ve been admiring, the person I’ve been envying, the person who motivates me when my mom starts comparing us (yes, she knows him well) and the person who fits 2/3 of my ideal type.
Yes, I admit I tried to find other guys who could probably be my next crush. Yeah, I did flatter because of some people but no one can beat my heartbeat’s speed when someone talk about that ex-bf.

His mother is a very kind person and she always ask about her children’s friends. Since I was kinda a rival yet close friend to my ex-bf, the mother always keeps up with news about me and my family. So, the call from her this week was not very out of sudden but still surprising.

A text message arrived on Monday. The one from my ex-bf. has been a year since we last talked and met, and nearly 5 years since we last asked for each other’s well being. Awkward yet exhilarating because I couldn’t stop grinning!!

Though it has been only 2 years since I learned to let him go, he stuck on my mind like a gum. And his sudden appearance this year got me thinking again.

Aish, it’s hard to be in love

Written in SPM era. I miss being in love like that.
*deep sigh*

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