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Monday, 16 December 2013

Pada suatu ketika di alam fantasi...

*Ini berlaku di alam khayalan. Di mana yang manis ditaburkan dan tak mungkin terjadi di dunia realiti*

East High School is holding a festival to celebrate the Independence Day that will be approaching soon. The school is crowded with students, teachers and visitors who come to watch performances and competitions.

Suzy and Tina walked into the school with anxiety. Suzy feels a slight growl in her stomach which means she's nervous. She knows a few people from the school. In fact, the whole school seems like to know her very well with the glares and stares from the students. She's well prepared for this. She's here for a competition, not a fight. Suzy and Tina are the participants from West High School for poems recitation competition. The school is supposedly to only send a participant  for the competition but Suzy caught a fever a few days before the competition day. Tina is there to replace her if her condition turns out to be worse.

Suddenly, two boys appears in front of Suzy and Tina whilst they're heading to the competition venue.

"Oh no, I just wished not to meet him and here he is" Suzy whispers to Tina.

Tina sighs. She knows about Suzy and that boy. Honestly she's excited to meet someone she knows at a stranger's place but being in Suzy's position, she hesitates for a couple of moments to either greet him with a smile or coldly ask him to stay away from her and Suzy.

"Hi! Wow, the strongest competitor is here!" exclaimed the boy named Alex. His face is bright with smile and delights. He's way too excited he cannot hide his expression.

"Hi! I just thought about you and here you are. Are you in this(the competition) too?" Tina was about to say something to reply Alex's greeting when Suzy suddenly cut her way.

 Tina peeks a glance at Suzy. She's acting cool and faking smile. Tina knows how bad Suzy wishes to never meet him in that school even by coincidence so Alex won't act warm towards her and people will stop staring at her. Alex's popularity at the school is not a joke. Suzy who is officially a girlfriend of Alex for a year has been receiving hates and dislike from Alex's fans. She had only listened to stories Suzy told her before this but it is now proven true by the time she and Suzy enters the school's gate. Even right now, a few girls keep staring at them and whispering to themselves.

"Me? Hell no! But I can show you the venue. Come, follow us" Alex gives signs to his friend who's beside him and they starts heading to somewhere. Without having any choice, the two girls followed.

It's finally Suzy's turn to recite the poems. She breathes in slowly and gathers courage so that she'd do her best onstage and makes her school proud of her. She's actually quite confident for the competition but seeing Alex down the stage rooting her with a huge grin on his face makes her stomach growls harder. The moments the music starts playing, she recites the poem. It is a deep, melancholy yet full of spirit poem to wake the younger generations up from being ignorance about the country. She does her best until suddenly...her sight turns black.

Suzy faints. Her poem is nearly ending when a headache strikes her and makes her collapses on the stage. Tina rushes on the stage and carries Suzy down with the help of three other female students. Many students gather but luckily a teacher blocks them and helps Suzy to be carried to the nurse room.

Suzy is placed on a bed in the room. The teacher who helped them earlier volunteers to find the teacher in charge of them, Miss Lynn. Tina shows her gratitude to the students who helped her and only ask for a towel and a bowl of water because she knows Suzy collapsed due to nervousness, not her fever. It is nothing serious.

15 minutes later, Suzy finally regains her consciousness. She bursts into tears because she is certain that she's going to lose the competition. Tina calms her and gives her a few comforting words. When Suzy's ready, they head out of the room and go to the competition venue.

No one is there. Tina feels weird. She asks Suzy to sit there while she goes searching for Miss Lynn. Suddenly, Suzy's hand is grabbed fiercely to the stage. Feeling weak, she can only follow. She knows it is Alex. She knows Alex's mad because she didn't take care of her health. Then, she's seated on the stage.

Without any notice, Alex puts his face near Suzy's. She's so shocked that she immediately holds someone's hand beside her. It turns out to be Alex putting out dirt from Suzy's hair. Suzy looks around. People are gathering and staring at them. She turns her head to look at the owner of a hand she's holding. It is the boy from earlier who was with Alex when they met in front of the school.

Surprises keeps appearing. Alex suddenly gives Suzy two tablets of medication and puts them on Suzy's mouth.

"What are you doing? People are staring!" Suzy resists the medicines and starts to cry.

"Let them be. Eat this!" said Alex, strictly. Suzy shakes her head. She doesn't like medicines.

Suzy's action turns out to be be an instigator to Alex's wrath. He forced the medicines into Suzy's mouth and makes her drink the water in a bottle he brought with him.

Suzy's feelings are mixed. She, holding someone's hand is wrong. She, being taken care by Alex is way more wrong. She doesn't know how to act. She just keep apologizing and crying all way long.

bagi gambar sikit supaya jelas imaginasi korang ya

The end.

Sebenarnya ni mimpi aku. Cumanya ia telah ditukar watak serta environment bersesuaian dengan scenes yang berlaku. Sedang mencari hikmah di sebalik mimpi sepelik ini. Semoga ini cuma permainan syaitan. Yang sedihnya gua mimpi tapi haram muka gua tak dak!! k bye

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