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Monday, 26 October 2015

Fanfic: Hello My Love! (Part 6)


Right after giving a tour of the school to Yanah, Fina goes to the library right after eating her lunch to read a book she borrowed from there. Despite being in the top class, her classmates are so noisy that she isn’t able to focus on her reading in class. So, she prefers to read in the quiet library without any bother from anyone. Fina chooses a table near to a books shelf as it’ll be easier to find more books for reference later. Meanwhile, another person enters the library with the intention to get out from the noisy classroom and focuses on his revison. Coincidently, he chooses a table right beside the another side of the book shelf Fina’s sitting.

Fina: (puts her diary on the book shelf) I’ll definitely finish this book today and wite a review about it in my diary later (whispers alone)
Kyungsoo: (puts his notebook on the book shelf) Haish jinja. Why am I not  understanding this book yet? The English words are so hard

Time passes so fast that the bell signaling the lunch break’s over is ringing already. In a hurry, Fina quickly grabs her book and diary and runs out of the library quickly so that she won’t be late to the class. Alerted of the bell ringing, Kyungsoo too rises from his seat and grabs his notebook and goes out from the library without noticing that his notebook has already mistook by someone.

Fina and Mira’s apartment. Night

Fina has already finished reading her book and about to write a review about it. She takes her bag and searches for her diary.

Fina: (searches) Aha! Found you (takes out her stationary case and takes a pen) What should I write, eh? (opens the first page of the book) Oh? Where’s my picture here? (flips to the other pages) Omo ! Omo! It seems like I mistook someone else’s book. Eottokhe?! What if someone’s reading my diary?! Argh!! (falls from her seat due to extreme shock)

Kyungsoo’s condominium. His room. Night.

Kyungsoo: (frowns) What on earth does it mean? I’d better put this in the notebook (opens his bag and searches for the book) Oh? This is not mine, though? (notices a small signature near the tip of the book, flips through the book) It’s a diary? Whose is this, I wonder?

Kyungsoo continues flipping through the book to find anything to help him identify the owner of the diary. He then accidentally opens the first page of the book that has the owner’s photo. He immediately smiles viciously. He now has more chance to talk with that girl. It’s not that she’s hard to approach but he’s the one who rarely has the chance to talk with that girl. The girl whom he always wonder what’s in her mind.

23th April 2015

I don’t know why but I feel like crying. It hurts me so much to watch eonnie’s bruises knees. She must have been working really hard at the convenience store to earn money. Despite being exhausted to death, she only sleeps for an hour before waking up again at 1 and hit the books until 4. Then she sleeps again and had to wake up early to prepare for school. Only 2-3 hours sleep. Every single day. No wonder she’s a panda. Omma must be really sad if she finds out eonnie is living her life like this. I only can help by preparing her food every time she’s home. I’ve voiced this thing out to eonnie but she said to not mind about it. Keep preparing delicious food, she said. It keeps her energised every single time. I’m thinking about earning money so that eonnie doesn’t have to work 2 shifts in a day but how am I supposed to do so?

Kyungsoo closes the book and sighs. He knew it. He knew the girls’ life is hard. He knows Mira noona is very famous for her brain but he has never seen her outside of the school.  It’s as if she doesn’t have a social life. It’s true, based on what he had read so far. Whilst Fina stays at home, always waiting for her sister to come home and comfort her with massage and delicious food, Mira works her ass off in a convenience store which he doesn’t know where because he always go to the convenience store in their neighbourhood but he has never seen her there. Kyungsoo wonders what kind of help can he be to the sisters . His face then shines with a delightful smile as an idea comes to his mind.

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