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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Fear not or regret later

SPM jeubal!

it's the third day of SPM. harini paper Mathematics.

Takut. Paper BM and BI cam hancur je.
Uarghhh I should kill myself and die in misery!!!!

Siapa tengok Nae Il Cantabile (Tomorrow Cantabile)?

It's actually a K-drama. I watch it to release the steam from stress of SPM. lgpun my most favourite actor is in it.

Versatile and capable actor, Joo Won!


Actually, I would like to highlight the main character's trauma. She hates scary teachers because she used to have one when she was a kid. Being called 'leftover', not many recognize her extraordinary talent. However, opportunities come and the professors in her college want to train her to be the world-famous pianist.

But the thing is, the best piano teacher is a scary teacher.

Honestly, I kinda have this kind of fear inside me. I always give up my dream because of scary teachers.

And I did gave up my actual dream recently.
 (and change it to what my parents would love me to be)

I'm not putting the blame on my teacher. No, teachers do nothing but to teach and develop me to become better.

 But then, I guess the problem is me.

Too scared to do wrongly in what I'm good at and love to do. Consequently, I lose interest. Typical antic of a type O blood.

Anyway, please watch for those who don't because u definitely will be captivated by soothing and impeccable sounds of classical music!

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