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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Life is but to be appreciated

Assalamualaikum semua

Gloomy..gloomy days they were and gloomy days ahead..I suppose

What a dull muqaddimah. I'm sorry. Let me start again

Whoa this bitter medicine just kicked off my taste bud. Dying from the bitterness already.

Yorobun, annyeoghaseyo..lamo dok nuleh yo.

Just finished watching a drama. IDK when will it be ending but I hope it's a 40 something-episode-length drama. Why? Because I can enjoy it after my hell-like SPM!!!

Yes, hell-like. Why? Because I'm doing something that I don't enjoy.


TBH, I've been keeping this since I was in Form 4. Why bother getting yourself into pure science stream when you know the subjects require your calculative skills and that is the biggest weakness of yours?!! (other than not being able to be feminine enough) but for the sake of my interest in Biology and pride of being a straight A's student in PMR, I dared myself to enter the hell.

...and wallah! here I am. shattered into pieces already.

blah blah blah. SPM is only a month away and you're saying this now? die already lah..your trial result wasn't that great anyway. Now you get it huh? Being shameful of yourself, keep thinking you're useless brat and having to look up to everyone because they're so much better than you, haven't you had enough? Where's your sense of motivation? Why can't u be motivated?!!

Because I am a realistic person. I look up only on things that I believe I can achieve and do things that I'm good in. My dream is not that big either.

I want to fly to London, study TeSL there, be a proud daughter of my parents, repay their kindness and sacrifices and give happiness to my family.

What I want to do? Simple. I just want to be a good teacher. No matter what title I hold, lecturer or just your common English teacher, I want to be someone that can contribute and give love to others while doing thing that I love, language.

What I want is just to enjoy what I do and find happiness in even simplest and tiniest thing in my life.

Because life is to be appreciated.

...and our destiny won't end here. We still have the world Hereafter. 

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