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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

To be a good PRS, you need to be .....


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..

PRS stands for Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya.

Yup, I'm a member of PRS. In fact, I'm the chairperson. A huge burden and responsibility. I'll try hard to manage it well till next year, insya Allah.

Well, as SMKMS students would know,  I was a prefect since 2011 until 2012. This year, I stepped down from from the prefect position and decided to be a normal student. The reason was simple. I hate the Disciplinary Board administrators. Exclude our GPK HEM lah for sure eventhough I seriously fear him a lot. There were some insidious problems between the teachers and I was feeling rebellious because I was only a prefect, a student in the school and I had no right to voice out my thoughts on who's the right and who's the wrong person. The least thing I could do was quitting the Disciplinary Board and show them I'm not taking their side so think, are you on the right term or not?

Okay, move on to PRS. An interview was held to choose special unit of PRS (because we have a club under Unit Kaunseling named Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya too) called PRS Squad or Skuad PRS in Malay. I did it with a little help because I was absent on the day the interview was held so I was given a special time to be interviewed and wallah! I'm in!

We started a little bit late because the examination was around the corner and school was flooded with activities here and there. First meeting was set up and organisation administrators were chosen. On our second meeting, we learned about PRS etiquette and simple things required to be a good PRS.


Most of the times, people seek PRS to tell us their problems and help them to search for solutions. However there are times when people look for us just to find someone who'll definitely care and listen to their stories. This is because it's a requirement and compulsory for us to not take a problem for granted. They want us to just be understanding and listen through it till the end. That's it. 

This is what people commonly don't do. They don't listen thoroughly and only think about how to find a solution or even how to make the person doesn't go to them next time for a feather-weighted reason. 

Not only for PRS members but to all people who have close friends, family members and etc. This is important. BE A GOOD LISTENER. 

A good listener is one who doesn't cut someone story and tell theirs, belittling it or 'pilih bulu' on choosing who to listen. When someone comes to you and wants to tell you something, listen well till the end. Give a few comments or solutions if asked. Don't make zany countenance that may hurt that person. Keep smiling and listen with pleasure. Understand their feeling and give them warm words that can help to ease their heart.

Being a good listener, sometimes people take it as simple task to do. However, how many people had been in despair and pains because they don't have someone to listen to their story?

Think about it and try to be a better person to help others. We don't have to be a great person to do great work. A big heart is the one that plays the role. :)

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